Monday, October 10, 2016

Unwired: Europe..An Acoustic Musical Journey Across A Diverse Continent

Unwired Europe

Throughout Russia, the Balkans, Iberia, Scandinavia, the Central Powers and the Celtic and English isles, innumerable artists are rediscovering or reinventing the acoustic music traditions of Europe. This collection is an acoustic folk music lover's dream, with unique tunes sung in languages and dialects that may not be familiar to many of us. Featuring artists such as Christina Branco, one of the stars of Portuguese Fado, Hungarian folklorists Marta Sebestyen and Muzsikas, Gabriel Yacoub of France, Celt/Brit stars Eliza Carthy and Altan, along with several bands affiliated with the innovative Northside label. A strong sampler that may send you off on many rewarding musical journeys! 

  1. Manto De Acucenas - Cristina Branco
  2. Arapiko Louloudi - Eleftheria Arvanitaki
  3. Ebla - Lucilla Galeazzi
  4. To Nie Ptak - Kayah & Goran Bregovic
  5. Dilele - Angelite
  6. Knodelpolka - Die Knodel
  7. Opa Cupa - Saban Bajramovic
  8. Ne Nado Grustit, Gospoda Oficerui - Zhanna Bichevskaya
  9. Ces Dieux-La - Gabriel Yacoub
  10. Remate - Pepe Habichuela
  11. Repulj Madar, Repulj - Muzsikas
  12. Donal Agus Morag - Altan
  13. Puirt A Beul - Mairi Mac Innes
  14. 10,000 Miles - Eliza Carthy
  15. Isabelle - Lais
  16. Fonix - Annbjorg Lien
  17. Veli - Hedningarna
  18. Naar Oostland - Jams

Unwired Europe

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