Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Zulya Kamalova...Russian-Australian artist...first 2 albums...Journey of Voice and Aloukie

Zulya Nazipovna Kamalova (Russian: Зуля Назиповна Камалова; born in Sarapul, Udmurt ASSR) is an award-winning Australian singer. She currently resides in Australia though tours both countries frequently.

Zulya grew up in Tatarstan and began performing and writing music at age 9. She is of Volga Tatar background. In 1991, she moved to Australia, settling in Hobart, Tasmania. After extensive performing solo and with accompanists and releasing several limited-run cassettes and a full-length album Journey of Voice, she moved to Melbourne. She later formed the band Children of the Underground and signed to Melbourne-based independent record label Unstable Ape Records in 2004.

Zulya is known for her interpretations Tatar and Russian music, often playing with a backing band Children of the Underground. Instrumentation typically includes accordion, double bass, percussion, guitar, brass and string arrangements and occasionally jaw harp.

official website: https://zulya.com

Lullaby (Tatarstan / Russia)

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